Black Cute & Confident (Iambcc)
Black, Cute and Confident is an aspiring brand for babies, young girls and women of color, who may have may experience instances in which their self-esteem and confidence were challenged. Our brand aims to positively inspire young girls of color to be proud of who they are, and to become all that they can be through the use of music, books, clothing and much more.
Meet the Owner: Leyah Skye

Leyah Skye Jenkins was born on November 15, 2013, in Atlanta, GA. She is the daughter of Altemis “AJ” and April Jenkins, who met in 2008. She has an older brother named Landon, and a dog named Jackson.

Leyah enjoys a happy and healthy childhood. Her compassionate nature has earned her a lot of friends at school, dance class, and the boys and girls club. She is an honor roll student and is very interested in history and story writing.

Leyah started taking ballet classes at the tender age of three. She is a competitive dancer in ballet, tap, jazz, and her favorite genre of dance -hip hop. Leyah and her dance team have won many awards, including several first place prizes, which has landed them an opportunity to compete on a national level.

In her spare time, she likes to create Tiktok dances, play with her dog Jackson, paint her mannequins’ nails, make bracelets, paint pictures, and play pranks on her older brother. She loves all things arts and craft. Her favorite food is hot wings, and she loves shopping at Claires and Amazon. When Leyah grows up, she wants to be a veterinarian.

The message that Leyah wants to convey to all people is that you should love yourself, regardless of your skin tone, or the type of background you come from. No matter what you go through, always continue to be Black Cute and Confident.